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Academy Instructor

Graduation Certificate from the first series of Police Academy training.
Graduation Certificate from the second series of Police Academy training.

The term Police Academy meant something different to the Metropolitan Police Department in 1942 than it does today. The Police Academy was not meant to train new officers, rather it was intended to give additional training to experienced police officers.

The Police Academy Instructor badges is one of the rarer badges of the Metropolitan Police Department. There were only 48 of these badges produced and they were presented to the volunteer instructors of the Washington [D.C.] Police Academy by Captain John H. Fowler, on October 27, 1942.

The badges are made from silver which was standard for World War II. The reason being that the federal government required badges to be made from silver instead of other metals needed for the war effort.

The Police Academy was conceived by Major Edward J. Kelly, Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police Department, after a Congressional investigation of the department found inefficiencies. The Police Academy was designed for officers who had more than six years’ experience in the department. Instruction was given in 85 different subjects over 107 hours, six days a week. The lectures were in the early morning and early afternoon and then the officers would spend time with the various squads of the detective bureau. There was an exam given at the end of the week as well as a final examination.

Under the umbrella of the Police Academy, in 1946 the scope of training was expanded. The new Major and Superintendent, Harvey G. Callahan created a new police school for officers as they were promoted. This new school was developed for a better understanding of departmental policy. Major Callahan explained that in the past, officers did not have the advantage of schooling in supervisory duties and policy and when an individual was promoted, they were left to figure out the understanding of leadership, duties and departmental policy on their own.

The Police Academy ran from January 1942 through June 1947 when it was closed because of manpower issues. Police Chief Robert V. Murray, a graduate of the second Police Academy class reopened the Police Academy in 1960.

The badges were presented to:

Howard Bailey – Assistant to the Managing Editor, Evening Star

Donald K. Brown – Special Agent – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Dr. Warren Brush – United States Forest Service

John Burch – Daily News

John C. Chevalier – President of Palace Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Corp.

John C. Conliif

R. Collier – Evening Star Editorial Staff

Edward M. Curran – US District Attorney for DC.

Edward R. Deane – Secretary-Chairman of the Board of Revocation of Operators Permits

Frank L. Dennis – Assistant Managing Editor, Washington Post

John Diamond – Assistant United States Attorney

Dr. Leonard M. Dub – Child Psychologist

Leo A. De Waard – Postal Inspector

J. Engert – Special Agent – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Maurice O. Eldridge – District of Columbia Traffic Director

Sheldon W. Fairchild – Investigator National Automobile Theft Bureau, New York

John W. Fihelly – Assistant United States Attorney

John Fitzgerald – Assistant United States Attorney

Richard W. Flournoy – Assistant Legal Advisor – State Department

W.B. Foard – Special Agent – Federal Bureau of Investigation

E.A. Green – Superintendent District of Columbia Jail

Cecil R. Heflin – Assistant United States Attorney

William Hill – City Editor – Evening Star

W.C. Hinze

Ray L. Huff – Director of Public Welfare

Milton J. Korman – Assistant Corporation Counsel

Allen J. Krouse – Assistant United States Attorney

John L. Laskey – Assistant United States Attorney

C.C. Lauber

S.K. McKee – Special Agent – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Benjamin M. McKelway – Editor – Evening Star

Dr. A. Magruder MacDonald – Coroner for the District of Columbia

Dr. Christopher J. Murphy – Deputy Coroner for District of Columbia

Charles B. Murray – Assistant United States Attorney

Henry Messinger

Leroy W. Morrison – Special Agent – Bureau of Narcotics

Dr. James Allen Nolan – Director, Washington Criminal Justice Association

R.C. Roberts – Fire Marshal for the District of Columbia

Dr. Richard M. Rosenberg – Deputy Coroner for District of Columbia

Joseph A. Sanford – Chief Probation Officer D.C. Municipal Court

Dr. Wilmer Souder – National Bureau of Standards

R.E.L. Smith – Chief Parole Officer

James R. Stringfellow – Special Agent – Secret Service

Needham C. Turnage – Commissioner, District of Columbia

Thomas Gillespie Walsh – Chairman District Mental Health Commission

Raymond E. Whipp

Frank Waldrop – Executive Editor Washington Times-Herald

C.R. Raum



Lieutenant William Murphy – 9th Precinct

Lieutenant Mary Gainey – Women’s Bureau

Sergeant Howard V. Covell

Sergeant Thomas C. Kelleher

Sergeant Richard F. McCarty

Sergeant Harold E. Moore

Sergeant Thomas Rasmusen

Sergeant Charles J. Sullivan

Acting Sergeant Walter B. Vogelsang

Corporal John F. Dent

Precinct Detective Joseph Bell

Precinct Detective Daniel J. Slattery

Private Samuel T. Creech

Private Arthur T. Davis

Private Fred D. Hillard

Private Harold C. Hoffman

Private Leonard M. Johnson

Private Bertis A. Lemon

Private Francis W. Marple

Private Dewey H. Mayo

Private John B. Monroe

Private Albert B. Nicholson

Private Francis G. Pilkerton

Private Theodore L. Richardson

Private Parke H. Sams

Private Howard F. Smith

Private Bedford F. Spittle

Detective Sergeant John F. Sanders – Arlington County Police

John E. Conway – Arlington County Police

Sergeant Henry T. Magarity – Fairfax County Police

Special Agent Erasmo R. Cruz – Department of Justice of the Philippines

Detective Sergeant Jeremiah F. Flaherty – Prince George’s County Police

Manning Clagett – Times-Herald

John A. Singerhoff – Washington Post



Lieutenant Irvin H. Umbaugh – No. 1 Precinct

Precinct Detective August R. Helwig – No. 1 Precinct

Lieutenant Thomas Edwards – No. 2 Precinct

Private Andrew W. Taylor – No. 2 Precinct

Lieutenant George R. Wallrodt – No. 3 Precinct

Private Hovey A. Lord – No. 3 Precinct

Private John L. King – No. 4 Precinct

Sergeant Basil F. McAlister – No. 5 Precinct

Private Robert J. Thompkins – No. 5 Precinct

Sergeant Robert V. Murray – No. 6 Precinct

Private James S. McWhirt – No. 6 Precinct

Lieutenant Paul Barnes – No. 7 Precinct

Precinct Detective James T. Nash – No. 7 Precinct

Lieutenant Lewis D. Redmon – No. 8 Precinct

Private Roland M. Kirby – No. 8 Precinct

Sergeant Daniel F. Donoghue – No. 9 Precinct

Private William E. McCarten – No. 9 Precinct

Private Joseph A. Duley – No. 10 Precinct

Private James B. Jones – No. 10 Precinct

Sergeant Daniel O. Fletcher – No. 11 Precinct

Private Paul L. Brinton – No. 12 Precinct

Private George E. Cooper – No. 12 Precinct

Sergeant William H. Hinson – No. 13 Precinct

Precinct Detective Bernard D. Crooke – No. 13 Precinct

Detective Sergeant Richard J. Felber – Detective Bureau

Sergeant Ray Aggleson – Administrative Headquarters

Private Charles Clay Jr. – Administrative Headquarters

Sergeant Anthony Richitt – Traffic Bureau

Private Benjamin R. Campbell – Traffic Bureau

Sergeant Veronica D. Winder – Women’s Bureau

Corporal Louis J. Mackall – Prince George’s County (Md.) Police

Sergeant J. B. Lawler – United States Park Police

Private A. D. Cook – United States Park Police

Captain Jerry O’Leary Jr. – Auxiliary Police & Reporter, The Sunday Star



Lieutenant Harry C. Blackman

Lieutenant Robert D. Chenault

Lieutenant Marshall R. Gore

Lieutenant Earl P. Hartman

Detective Sergeant John K. Baker

Detective Sergeant William U. Christain

Sergeant Carl G. Darnell

Sergeant Percy A. Deanell

Sergeant Earl Noble

Sergeant Henry A. Heflin

Sergeant Horace F. Skinner

Sergeant John A. Winters

Precinct Detective E.P. Hallman

Precinct Detective Charles T. Williams

Private Adam M. Arney

Private Richard S. Best

Private John L. Boccina

Private Ruby G. Brandt

Private John A. Brant

Private Phillip Burton

Private Arthur B. Cross

Private Jeremiah J.J. Cullinane

Private M. J. Engle

Private James A. Hunt

Private Raymond J. James

Private Harry F. Mowry

Private James J. Prophet

Private William F. Rector

Private Thomas H. Rice

Private Baron Solomon

Private Summerfield B. Tillet Jr.

Captain J. Theodore Crown – Auxiliary Police, Reporter The Evening Star





Benjamin F. Bean

Laure K. Collins

Harold W. Collier

Talmadge F. Denton

Charles S. Dwyer

John Flaherty

Otto P. Fuss

James H. Gosnell

Conner H. Gould

John W. Hanrahan

Samuel Jackson Holladay

Edner J. Scott

Elmer F. Lewis

Leonard Lindas

Abel Mann

Karl G. McCormick

John G. Middleton

Henry S. Montogmery

Jesse I. Moore

Gordon Tracy Nance

Patrick J. O’Sullivan

Lloyd G. Parker

Lewis H. Peterson

Robert Lee Rison

Carl D. Schamp

Bert Sheldon

Chester F. Smith

Fred L. Stouffer

Chester C. Stepp

John R. Wallace

Archie M. Winfree

John A. Wright

Miss Frances M. C. Bird



Captain Sidney J. Marks

Special Investigator Ernest C. Cordell

Special Investigator Daniel I. McCain

Lieutenant James E. Silvea

Sergeant Alexander S. Douglass Jr.

Sergeant Joe H. Johnson

Sergeant Charles L. Langley

Sergeant George V. Moore

Sergeant James C. Pipkin

Sergeant James L. Rochford

Sergeant John J. Ronayne

Private Maurice C. Barco

Private William Brennan

Private Linwood A. Crabbin

Private Roy A. Cunningham

Private Francis H. Dunn

Private Percy G. Dawson

Private William J. Caylor

Private Edwin M. Gorely

Private Theodore R. Haage

Private Charles H. Haqgerty

Private George J. Leahy

Private John J. Leu

Private Charles R. McArthur

Private John H. McHale

Private R.A. Nielson

Private Charles A. Parker

Private Lewis B. Peters

Private U.S. Rogers

Private Samuel Stickley

Private George H. Swearingen

Private Marie H. Thomas – Women’s Bureau

Private John T. White

Private Raymond H. Russell

Private Ernest F. Wyckoff

Lieutenant Joseph R. Enos – U.S. Army Military Police

Sergeant Joseph Baran – U.S. Army Military Police

Sergeant William K. Snider – U.S. Park Police

Private Charles A. Mason – U.S. Park Police



Captain Nelson O. Holmes

Lieutenant Albert B. Clark

Lieutenant Benjamin C. Kuehling

Lieutenant John L. Norris

Lieutenant Lafone Starkweather

Detective Sergeant John O. Curtis

Detective Sergeant Reuben R. Nichols

Precinct Detective Frank A. Jordan

Precinct Detective Harvey H. McQuinn

Sergeant Maurice F. Prestele

Sergeant Thomas V. Slominski

Sergeant Howard Venable

Sergeant Wayland W. Wittemore

Acting Sergeant Frank M. Beall

Acting Sergeant Wilbur M. Sanders

Private Bolivar Nelson Bradshaw

Private Edward M. Brown

Private John C. Daniels

Private Robert L. Decker

Private Edward T. Elliott

Private William A. Elliott

Private Edmund J. Fitzgerald

Private Charles P. Flynn

Private John E. Glick

Private Ellis C. Helms

Private Robert M. Henry

Private Mildred S. McClelland

Private Arthur G. Mihill

Private Gilbert J. Penturff

Private Joseph L. Proctor

Private John L. Purvis

Private Oscar E. Rehbein

Private William Edward Rogers

Private Clyde O. Rouse

Private Herman A. Sauer

Private Carl L. Sierk

Private Francis D. Smith

Private Jerome Tarleton

Private Hall De Witt Williams

Sergeant Roy S. Jenkins – United States Park Police

Sergeant Tyre B. Cunningham – Washington Terminal Police

Private Orville W. McHargue – Washington Terminal Police

Staff Sergeant Kenneth L. McKinney – US Army Military Police

Corporal Leonard R. Kretsge – US Army Military Police



Lieutenant Chester C. Gouldman

Lieutenant Loraine T. Johnson

Lieutenant Charles H. Warder

Detective Sergeant James J. Tolson

Sergeant Shirley R. Collins

Sergeant George S. Eckels

Sergeant Ernest A. Fuller

Sergeant Joseph T. Kirby

Sergeant Jack R. Milsted

Sergeant Sylvester E. Steinman

Precinct Detective Pearl D. Pythian

Precinct Detective Roland W. Valentine

Private George Washington Absher

Private James G. Beach

Private Archie Ball Clothier

Private James H. Cox

Private Clair K. Culver

Private Bernard F. Day

Private William D. De Groot

Private Joseph H. Dellinger

Private Warrior B. Edwards

Private Raymond S. Evans

Private Reuben E. Fenton

Private John J. Fitzpatrick

Private William Glassman

Private Samuel H. Hartung

Private Sheridan Jones

Private Martin A. Kelly

Private Eugene G. Mower

Private Donald Bowler Plant

Private John J. Pumphrey

Private Frederick R. Rabil

Private Ira B. Wetherell

Private John W. Sheedy – United States Park Police

Private Philip W. Birch – United States Park Police

Master Sergeant Albert Fillo – US Army Military Police

Sergeant Ivan R. Masterson – US Army Military Police

Sergeant John P. Schneider – US Army Military Police

Private First Class Mortimer L. Feigenbaum – US Army Military Police

Lieutenant Frederick W. Winstead – United States Engineers’ Office Police

Sergeant Edward J. Kerns – United States Engineers’ Office Police



Private Caloine W. Alexander – Police Women’s Bureau

Special Officer Betsy Arns – Jelleff’s Inc.

Store Detective Phillip M. Padgett – Lansburgh & Bro.



Captain A. I. Bullock

Special Investigator Karl T. Howe

Lieutenant J. J. Agnew

Lieutenant M. G. Ayer

Lieutenant C. E. Perry

Lieutenant D. D. Pittman

Sergeant A. M. Bradley

Sergeant W. V. Chase

Sergeant R. E. Cheney

Sergeant G. Weaver

Corporal P. Eksterowicz

Corporal D. P. Kenzie

Private John F. Ash

Private Philip S. Ball

Private R. O. Bankert

Private G. A. Beacham

Private C. R. Blick

Private Charles Burns

Private O. T. Coffin

Private E. B. Crandall

Private D. L. Dodds

Private H. C. Fryer

Private A. Gernholfer

Private H. Hammersia

Private R. C. Hannah

Private E. P. Jefferson

Private H. C. Johnson

Private W. J. King

Private H. D. Larey

Private W. A. Link

Private R. T. Nash

Private J. E. O’Neal

Private James B. Pruitt

Private R. B. Rector

Private C. W. Richmond

Private R. Sandberg

Private W. Sanderson

Private C. A. Scott

Private G. W. Ward

Private G. A. Williams

Private R. M. Wortman

Private Z. R. Wright

Douglas P. D. D. F.

Sass, Joseph G.

Shipley, D







Detective Sergeant H. H. Hodge

Sergeant F. R. Barnard

Corporal G. F. Davis

Corporal A. B. Land

Corporal G. W. Linthicum

Private P. L. Abel

Private H. G. Barnes

Private F. J. Behnke

Private A. K. Bowen

Private H. A Bradley

Private J. E. Collins

Private L. A. Dorman

Private L. H. Halstead Jr.

Private F. S. Hathrone

Private L. W. Hebbard

Private L. D. Johnson

Private P. N. Koenig Jr.

Private Francis Leer

Private R. E. Meissner

Private J. D. Miller

Private J. A. Myers

Private E. V. Northcutt

Private R. C. Redifer

Private C. R. Roberts

Private R. C. Schwab

Private L. G. Scripture

Private D. B. Siegrist

Private W. B. Stevens

Private J. R. Stone

Private A. E. Sweeney

Private J. S. Titus

Private J. W. Trotter

Private V. W. Weaver

Private Detective E. A. Daly

Private Detective E. L. Hayes

Private Detective J. D. Loughrin

Private Detective Charles L. Pemberton



Allen, Donald E.

Amos, E. R. Jr.

Bailey, Homer A.

Burton, John

Childress, Horace S.

Conner, Melvin M.

Cox, Preston M.

Denny, Larry V.

Douglas, George R.

Emerson, F. F.

Grayson, Edwin S.

Harris, Foley W.

Harrison, John W.

Holcomb, V. V.

Hopkins, Robert W.

Innocenti, Frank J.

Kapsol, Alex K.

Kasik, Joseph P. Jr.

Keer, Wash

Lutz, Clarence H.

Mason, John L.

McCarthy, M. S.

Molle, Arthur H.

Morris, Walter L.

O’Bryen, John R.

Ostrom, Walter R.

Renner, Herbert G.

Russell, Samuel R.

Sadtler, James L.

Sennott, E. H. Jr.

Shibley, George R.

Snyder, Louis M.

Stewart, T. R.

Vogel, Philip L.

Will, Everett V.

Womble, Harvey C.

Wright, Charles L.



Private William T. Burroughs – 1st Precinct

Private Clarence R. Winemuller Jr. – 1st Precinct

Private John J. Coughlin – 2nd Precinct

Private Owen W. Davis – 2nd Precinct

Private James D. Kennedy – 3rd Precinct

Private Merlin E. Swanson – 3rd Precinct

Private Clarence A. Chaney – 4th Precinct

Private George V. Davis – 4th Precinct

Private George G. Maghan – 5th Precinct

Private Roswell P. Pipkin – 5th Precinct

Private George K. Brown – 6th Precinct

Private Ralph W. Creel – 6th Precinct

Private George H. Russell – 7th Precinct

Private Norman E. Ward – 7th Precinct

Private Jewell W. Carroll – 8th Precinct

Private Frank E. Wright – 8th Precinct

Private Joseph I. Beach – 9th Precinct

Private Raymond D. Padgett – 9th Precinct

Private Frank J. Adams – 10th Precinct

Private Walter F. Allen – 10th Precinct

Private Alfred M. Burnell – 11th Precinct

Private Vincent C. Wahler – 11th Precinct

Private Gilbert C. Heine – 12th Precinct

Corporal Adelbert A. Schmidt – 12th Precinct (Class Superintendent)

Private Harry E. Hamilton – 13th Precinct

Private Paul F. Thorne – 13th Precinct

Detective Sergeant Albert H. Hitt – Detective Bureau

Private James W. Ryan – Detective Bureau

Private Thomas T. Barbour – Traffic Division

Private Scott B. Myers – Traffic Division

Private Francis A. Carr – Harbor Precinct

Private Rose M. Richards – Women’s Bureau

Staff Sergeant Robert D. Roberts – Military District Washington MP

Sergeant Howard K. Cunningham – Military District Washington MP

Technician Fourth Grade Victor Arnold – Military District Washington MP

Sergeant Everitt R. Parr – Military District Washington MP

Corporal Numma C. Slawter – Military District Washington MP





Corporal Charles R. Murphy

Corporal William R. Lasham

Precinct Detective James M. Powell

Precinct Detective Herman W. Xander

Private Francis V. Andruzzi

Private Wade G. Baucom

Private Walter L. Brown

Private George W. Cardona

Private Maurice J. Casem

Private Vincent W. Cleary

Private Thomas Colby

Private Marshall H. Cook

Private Alfred F. Corfield

Private Charles K. Daub

Private F. E. Daugherty

Private R. S. Eichelberger

Private Isadore Fein

Private Willard H. Garner

Private Harvey B. Gilbert

Private Elzaphan M. Hanna

Private John R. Harris

Private Lurty C. Houff

Private James D. Langley

Private Richard G. Long

Private James E. Lumpkin

Private Alphonzo H. Lyons

Private Alpheous B. Masters

Private Harry G. McDougall

Private James M. McQueen

Private John A. Payne

Private Benton B. Royer

Private Adam P. Scherl

Private Thomas B. Shipman

Private Charles E. Simmons

Private Thomas L. Souder

Private John A. Stewart

Private Emmet A. Sullivan

Private Glen F. Swank

Private Ray R. Swank

Private Harry L. Thompson

Private Richard C. Thornett

Private A. F. Trammelle Jr.

Private John A. Wentz

Private Frank C. White

Private Robert H. Wolf

Private Harry H. Yarnell

Sergeant J. B. Klenke – U.S. Army MP

Corporal A. E. Fredrick – U.S. Army MP

Private First Class R. E. Heyboer – U.S. Army MP

Private First Class W. J. Gorman – U.S. Army MP



Lieutenant Bert Sheldon – 7th Precinct

Detective Sergeant John R. Luskey

Precinct Detective Sanford

Private A. A. Aderholdt

Private El. C. Boatman

Private V. E. Bost

Private W. C. Burkett

Private D. A. Cherry

Private L. L. Coates

Private H. G. Cochran

Private W. N. Cook

Private C. H. Cooke

Private W. P. Doran

Private La Velle Edmiston – 1st Precinct

Private C. W. Ganyon

Private L. Girard

Private T. Harmon

Private John W. Hayes

Private J. S. Hughes

Private H. A. Icenhower

Private P. W. Johnson

Private E. A. Levine

Private E. J. Long Jr.

Private J. K. McCarty

Private H. L. Pilling

Private M. G. Randall

Private V. C. Sanders

Private Satterwaite

Private D. A. Smith

Private J. E. Stargel

Private C. F. Sullivan

Private B. T. Taylor Jr.

Private J. E. Tayman

Private R. G. Thompson

Private George M. Timko – 1st Precinct

Private F. N. Webber Jr.

Private Sam Weiner

Private P. M. Zazanis

Private W. J. Zerwick

Private Walter B. Zurkowski – 11th Precinct

Private J. B. Hobbs – United States Park Police

Captain Feng Wen-yao – National Police Department of China

Hung Hing Chu – National Police Department of China

Lieutenant Arthur A. Ackley – U.S. Army Military Police

Lieutenant Reuben Frier – U.S. Army Military Police

Sergeant Leindecker – U.S. Army Military Police

Sergeant James M. Bell – U.S. Army Military Police

Corporal Herschel V. Summerlin – U.S. Army Military Police