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George R. Wilson was born in 1930. He was brought up in the Bronx in New York City. He wedded in 1953 and had two kids. Preceding turning into a Cop Mr. Wilson was an individual from the US Naval force. Straightforwardly after his discharged from the Naval force he joined the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Division. While presenting with the M.P.D.C. George got more than 30 tributes and worthy acknowledgment.

President George Bush with George Wilson
President George Bush with George Wilson
George Wilson, 2nd from the Rt.

At the point when George Wilson initially started with the M.P.D.C.  he was doled out to the watch power in the principal area. Subsequent to showing an expert execution in watch George was moved into the a casually dressed task where he progressed into the Burglary Unit and turned into an Investigator. here he explored essentially thefts yet in addition kidnappings and blackmail which totaled 7,500 cases in 11 years with this unit. In 1969 he was doled out as a Detective  to the Recognizable proof Division where he was accountable for the advancement and usage of the main Metropolitan Police Office Guns Research center.

In 1971 George was elevated to Analyst Sergeant and alloted as Leader and Boss Inspector of the M.P.D. Guns Distinguishing proof Area.

During the majority of this George was additionally notable for his association in keeping up and advancing the historical backdrop of the M.P.D.C. otherwise called the M.P.D. George has composed various paper and magazine articles.

George was included with the creation of stately identifications and a few oddity patches.

George as of late passed away, yet will dependably be very much regarded and associated with his commitment to the Metropolitan Police as a Cop and as a student of history of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police.