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Air Force 1100 Security Police Squadron

Air Force 1776 Security Police Squadron Air Force One

Amtrak Police

Armed Forces Police

Capitol Police

Department of Heatlth and Human Services Executive Security

District of Columbia Fire Department

FAA U.S. Airport Police

Federal Protective Services Police

Federal Protective Services Police – Inaugural Committee Staff

Inaugural Committee Staff – Dr. Bruce C. Foley

Inaugural Committee – Reagan – Bush

Inaugural Committee Staff – Ronald Reagan & George Bush

Library of Congress Police

Maryland National Capitol Park Police (Blackinton Mfg.)

Maryland National Capitol Park (Sun Mfg.)

Metro Transit Police

Metropolitan Police Officer

Metropoliton Police Traditional

Metropoliton Washington Airport Fire

National Zoological Park Police

Park Police

Secret Service Treasury Police

Secret Service Uniformed Division

Smithsonian Institution Special Police

Supreme Court Police

Wells Fargo Security



This is a badge pin given to the executives of Wells Fargo Security for the 1985 Inauguration.